Manobal Klinik

Here at “Manobal Klinik” full attention is paid on the patients who are suffering form different kind of Mental Problems.

Specialty Clinics:

Anti smoking Klinik, Memory Klinik, Bipolar Klinik, Psycho Diagnostic Services, Counseling Services (Cognitive behavior therapy), Child Psychological & Psychiatric Services, Marriage Counseling.


We are specialize in psychiatry and are certified in treating mental disorders.
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full attention is paid on the patients who are suffering form different kind of Mental Problems.
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Psychiatric assessment typically starts with a mental status examination and the compilation of a case history.
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Bipolar Klinik » Management

Is bipolar disorder easy to diagnose?
No. some people have bipolar disorder for years before anyone knows. This is because bipolar disorder symptoms may seem like several different . Family & friends may not see that a person's symptoms are part of a bigger problem. A doctor may think the person has different illness, like schizophrenia or depression.

Also, people with bipolar disorder often have other health problems. This may make it hard for doctor to clued substance abuse, anxiety disorders, thyroid disease, heart disease, and obesity.

How is bipolar disorder treated?
Right now, there is no cure for bipolar disorder. But treatment can help control symptoms. Most people can get help for mood changes and behavior problems. Treatment works best when it is ongoing, instead of on and off.

Medication: Different types of medication can help. People respond to medications in different ways,so the type of medication depends on the patient. Sometimes a person needs to try different medications to see which are best.

Medications can cause side effects. Patients should always tell thier doctor about these problems. Also, patients should not step taking a medication without a doctor's help. Stopping medication suddenly can be dangerous, and it can make bipolar symptoms worse.

Therapy: Different kinds of psychotherapy, or "Talk"therapy, can help people with bipolar disorder. Therapy can help them change thier behavior and manage thier lives. It can also help patients get along betterwith family and friends. Sometimes therapy includes family members.

Other treatments: Some people do not get better with medication and therpay. THese people may try "electroconvulsive therapy," or ECT. This is sometimes called "shock " therapy. ECT privides a quick "shock" that can sometimes correct problems in the brain.

Sometimes people take herbal & natural supplements, such as ST. John's wort or omenga-3 fatty acids. Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement. Scientists aren't sure how these products affect people with bipolar disorder.

Some people may also need sleep medications during treatment.

How can I help someone I know with bipolar disorder?
Help your friend or relative see a doctor to get the diagnosis and treatment. You may need to make the appointment and go with him or her to the doctor.

Here are some helpful things you can do:

Be patients.
Encourage your friends or relative to talk, and listen to him or her carefully.
Be understanding about mood swings.
Include your friend or relative in fun activities.
Remind him or her that getting better is possible with the right treatment.

How can I help myself if I have bipolar disorder?

You can help yourself by getting treatment and sticking with it. It takes time, and it's not easy. But treatment is the best way to start feeling better. Here are some tips:

Talk to your doctor about your treatment.
Stay on your medication.
Keep a routine for eating and sleeping.
Make sure you get enough sleep.
Learn to recognize your mood swings.
Ask a friend to relative to help you stick with your treatment.
Be patient about your symptoms. Improvement takes time.

How does bipolar disorder affect friends and family?

When a friend or relative has bipolar disorder, it affects you too. Taking care of soemone with bipolar disorder can be stressful. You have to cope with the mood swings and sometimes other problems, such as drinking too much. Sometimes the stress can strain your relationships with other people. Caregivers can miss work or lose free time.

If you are taking care of someone with bipolar disorder, take care of yourself too. If you keep your stress level down you will do a better job, and it might help your loved one stick to his or her treatment.

Where do I go for help?
If you're not sure where to get help, call your family doctor. You can also check the phone book for mental health professionals. Hospital doctors can help in an emergency.