Manobal Klinik

Here at “Manobal Klinik” full attention is paid on the patients who are suffering form different kind of Mental Problems.

Specialty Clinics:

Anti smoking Klinik, Memory Klinik, Bipolar Klinik, Psycho Diagnostic Services, Counseling Services (Cognitive behavior therapy), Child Psychological & Psychiatric Services, Marriage Counseling.


We are specialize in psychiatry and are certified in treating mental disorders.
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full attention is paid on the patients who are suffering form different kind of Mental Problems.
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Psychiatric assessment typically starts with a mental status examination and the compilation of a case history.
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Bipolar Klinik » Ashok has bipolar disorder here's his Story

Four months ago, Ashok found out he has bipolar disorder. He knows it's a serious illness, but he was relieved when he found out. That's because he had sysmptoms for years but no one knew what was wrong. Now he's getting treatment and feeling better.

Ashok often felt really sad. As a kid, he skipped shcool or stayed in bed when he was down. At other times, he felt really happy. He talked fast and felt like he could do anything. Ashok lived like this for a long times, but thing changed last year. His job got very stressful. He felt like he was having more "up" & "down" times. His wife and friends wanted to know what was worng. He told them to leave him alone and said everything was fine.

A few weeks later, Ashok couldn't get out of bed. He felt awful, and it went on for days. Then his wife took him to the family doctor, who sent Ashok to a psychiatrist. He talked to this doctor about how he was feeling. Soon Ashok could see thast his ups and downs were serious. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and he started treatment soon after.

These days Ashok takes medicine and goes to talk therapy. Treatment was hard at first, and took some time, but now he's back at work. His mood changes are easier to handle, and he's having fun again with his wife and friends.